Attention Deficit (ADD)

Many children and adults struggle with issues of sustained mental effort. Teachers usually remark that these students are bright, but fail to apply themselves to their full potential. About 1/3 of ADD clients also have difficulty coping with anxiety issues.

They have difficulty staying organized, planning and executing tasks (“executive function”), lack concentration and focus, have impulse control problems and difficulty reading social cues from others. They can sometimes annoy and be shunned by classmates.

ADD in the Classroom

Okay students, pick up your pencils...

Their minds are extremely active and may experience constant mental chatter. They may be unable to control day-dreaming. They procrastinate, forget to bring things, fail to follow through and finish tasks, and are impatient when waiting in line.

On the positive side (when the negatives are properly managed), they may be incredibly creative with original ideas. They may have a remarkable ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment, they can be incredibly productive and wildly successful in their field.

Hypnosis can provide mental tools for those with ADD to reach their vast potential. They can remain calm, tune out distractions and focus intently on carrying out a specific task to completion. These tools can give them greater impulse control and the ability to pick up on social cues so they can stop unhelpful behavior before alienating others.

Their environment can also be better managed. Tubes of all kinds can overstimulate them. For example, TV and videogame screen time should be reduced, with the environment made more conducive to good study habits. Healthy snacks and a reward system can be established to promote success.

John Newman, C.Ht. is certified in hypnosis for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI).

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