Test Anxiety

It is not uncommon for students to understand their subject completely, only to freeze up from anxiety when taking the exam. This can be devastating for professionals taking the MCATs, LSATs, GMATs, Bar Exam or CPA Exam.
Test Taking

Test Taking

As with other anxieties, test anxiety can be linked to an episode of low blood sugar (not uncommon with students who have sporadic eating habits). Breaking those past associations by desensitizing the client to the past anxiety attack and giving them tools to handle future stress can overcome test anxiety.Memory retrieval can also be improved with hypnosis. This is partly accomplished through anxiety reduction, which can block memories. Tools can also be provided to help retrieve information that has been studied.

Also, reinforcing good eating, exercise and sleeping habits can promote emotional stability and resilience and better academic performance.

Some individuals are easily distracted and have trouble focusing. They operate in a day-dream most of the time. It can be difficult for them to pay attention during lectures, as their mind launches one day-dream after another.

In hypnosis, they can be “de-hypnotized” to focus better on the day-to-day activities, giving them tools to bring themselves out of a day-dream whenever they need to regain focus and concentrate.

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