Love of Learning

I was recently asked by a young college-bound student, “Can you hypnotize me to get an A in calculus?” He needed to take calculus that summer before going off to college in the fall. Considering the D he earned in high school pre-calculus, he was understandably worried.

“No,” I said, watching his smile fall. “But if you want, I can hypnotize you to have a genuine love of learning. You can be eager to attend class, interested in the subject matter and can’t wait to do your homework to practice what you learned. You will look forward to exams with excitement, to prove how much you learned.” The result: a “B” in the course.

Having a genuine love of learning is what really drives academic performance. We don’t magically gain knowledge and understanding out of thin air. But we can have such a positive attitude that learning is not work, it’s just fun (just like playing sports is fun, despite the exertion). You will eagerly soak up the subject matter and actually enjoy it.

Interestingly, one’s attitude can be adjusted easily through hypnosis.

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