Anxiety Control

I became certified in hypnotherapy for the very purpose of helping a loved one deal with the anxiety and insomnia caused by prolonged cancer treatment. Hypnosis is extremely effective in dealing with anxiety.When under stress, we can be pushed into the primitive “fight or flight” response. Some people lash out and “fight” (road rage, for example). Others attempt to “flee” their situation, only to realize they can’t run away because of social constraints. For example, they might work in the help-desk of their company. If you can’t run away, and feel trapped, you are going to start feeling anxious. This anxiety can build on itself and become debilitating.

You may procrastinate in the morning to avoid work or spend all day on personal matters because you can’t deal with job-related stress. You may smoke or bite your nails as a coping mechanism.

In hypnosis, you will go through a progressive relaxation that will vent out anxiety and tension. You should feel completely relaxed.

Suggestions for deep therapeutic sleep will be given, so that you sleep better at night and vent out anxieties during those important dream cycles.

You may be given suggestions for good eating habits (which controls blood sugar and anxiety) and exercise motivation (which releases feel-good endorphins).

You will also be given “tools” to use when you begin to feel anxious, that help you regain your composure (e.g., deep breathing and, for example, rubbing your finger to your thumb or counting backwards from 5).

I recently helped a lady who experienced tremendous daily anxiety. I also helped her get through an upcoming funeral without (in her words) becoming a “basket case”. It worked very well.

I helped another lady whose son was in intensive care in the hospital with heart trouble. Her anxiety over her son caused her to lose sleep, which drove her anxiety level even higher. She had trouble focusing on important financial and medical decisions for her son. After two hypnosis sessions, she slept well again and was able to deal effectively with important decisions.

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