The Confident Mind

Confidence is simply a state of mind.

Unfortunately, our confidence can take a beating as we go through life and suffer the inevitable set-backs. Hypnosis is an effective tool for building confidence, self-esteem and a positive self-image.



Hypnosis can also help remove self-limiting behavior, whether fear of failure or fear of success. Hypnosis can allow us to feel more comfortable in everyday social settings, even those dreaded cocktail parties where many people feel like a wallflower and can’t wait to leave.

Feeling confident is a great feeling. It should not be confused with being loud and boisterous. In fact, confident people can be very low-keyed and “quietly confident.” They feel comfortable with themselves and who they are. And they may be perfectly willing to wait for their natural opposites to initiate contact with them.

In hypnosis, the technique is quite straight-forward and effective. You will feel like everything’s clicking, like you’re having a good day and open to life’s possibilities once again.

The Dating and Mating Game

In the mating arena, a large percentage of the population has a personality type that makes them (whether they like it or not) the one who initiates contact with potential mates. Interestingly, this is not gender-based. It applies equally to males and females.

If you are destined to be the “initiating” party, then your potential mates likely have opposite personality types. They are usually in task-oriented mode, receptive only occasionally to potential mates. Mostly, they are oblivious to your advances.

Given the mood cycle of potential mates, the likelihood of rejection for the “initiator” is considerable. And repeated rejection can understandably beat down one’s confidence.

Fortunately, hypnosis can desensitize you to past rejections. It can help you get over a past romance that can maintain a grip over you months, even years later. Hypnosis allows you to get a fresh start, so you feel comfortable being yourself once again and open to new possibilities.

Dating and Mating

Dating and Mating

We use a questionnaire to assess your personality type and can recommend an intriguing book written by John Kappas, PhD., founder of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (the e-book, Relationship Strategies, is available as a PDF at nominal cost). It offers an in-depth explanation of human mating behavior.

Retirement Jitters?

Surprisingly, confidence can also suffer as we approach retirement. The subconscious mind loves routines and habits. When we retire, we get tossed out of our comfort zone on the date of our retirement, cold turkey. Rather than celebrating our retirement, we can experience incredible anxiety.

As a result, our confidence can suffer and the stress can jeopardize our health. Hypnosis can help reshape one’s image as a happy retiree, looking forward to the opportunities ahead and feeling comfortable in this new role.

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