Fears & Phobias

Fears are linked to a past traumatic event to which the subconscious protective mechanism makes a strong connection. Fear of flying, for example, can result from a bad episode on an actual flight. A phobia, by contrast, is not associated with any real event.

Upon close examination, an unexplained phobia is often connected to an episode of low blood sugar, which makes the client susceptible to panic attacks when stressed out. They may, for example, have skipped breakfast and been entering an elevator, late for work and stressed out, when the panic attack occurred. The subconscious mind connected the panic to getting on the elevator. The next time the person sees an elevator door open, they suddenly experience an unexplained panic attack.

Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias

There are as many types of fears or phobias as there are human activities (e.g., fear of flying, fear of needles, fear of dogs, just to name a few). I have used hypnosis to work with clients on these and other issues.

In hypnosis, the client can be desensitized to the past fear or phobia, replacing anticipatory anxiety with a sense of calmness, or even humor. This disconnects the anxiety from the specific activity (e.g., getting on an elevator). An “anchor” can be provided in hypnosis, which allows the client to calm their growing anxiety whenever they feel it rising and regain their composure.

Their diet and sleeping habits can also be evaluated, to ensure they are getting proper nutrition for stable blood sugar. They can be given dream therapy during hypnosis, which promotes deeper sleep and venting out of anxieties during the REM cycle.

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