Handwriting Analysis

Writing by hand is a process that forms deep within the creative processes of the brain. Writing is an expression of the mind behind the pen. As such, it yields intriguing clues into an individual’s personality and behavioral tendencies.

Handwriting reflects the state of the writer’s mind at the moment the writing occurs, as well as deeper traits. It can reveal medical conditions, such as whether they have Parkinson’s, palsy, drug addiction, epilepsy, cancer and other illnesses.

An individual’s general temperament will be revealed, how he treats himself, others around him and his relationship to the community. Is he generous or cheap? Honest or dishonest?

Is the person of stable or erratic mood? Is he optimistic or pessimistic? Introverted or extroverted? Detached from others? Or perhaps empathetic or sympathetic to others? Does he pay attention to detail or prefer to focus only on the big picture?

These traits are not necessarily good or bad. They need to be considered in context. For example, if you are hiring an accountant, you’d want someone who pays attention to detail. If you are hiring a high level executive, you might prefer someone who sees the big picture.

The signature yields additional clues. Is the person actually who he appears to be? Or is there a disconnect between the public persona and the underlying personality? Is he arrogant? Does his signature exhibit self-defeating behavioral tendencies?

Would he prefer to live in the city or the country? Does he like children? Is he religious or philosophical? Or does he focus more on the practicalities of life? Martin Luther King Jr.’s signature, for example, reveals a highly developed religious and spiritual aspect to his personality.

Is he in a hurry to finish a task? The Gettysburg Address confirms that Lincoln was greatly interested in getting that task (the Civil War) finished. He was shrewd, but also very generous with others, as later reflected in his dealings with others and in his Second Inaugural Address.

As suggested above, handwriting analysis is interesting because it permits us to evaluate the personalities of individuals not only in the present, but throughout time, including many historical figures. While Walt Disney’s writing revealed great imagination, Adolf Hitler’s deteriorating writing revealed hate, anger and a downward spiral over time.

A handwriting analysis requires a one-page, signed sample, on unlined paper, in ball point pen. The client should write about something of interest, perhaps in the nature of a “Dear Diary” entry. The analyst will review the sample and write a Handwriting Analysis Report.

John Newman, C.Ht. received a Diploma with Honors in Handwriting Analysis from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI).

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