Can’t get to sleep or stay asleep?

Sleeping should be restful and pleasant. But many people have trouble falling asleep. Or once asleep, they wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. The lack of a good night’s sleep makes us edgy, anxious, inflexible and erodes the foundation of good health.

I learned hypnosis for the very purpose of helping a loved one, who was then undergoing cancer treatment, to get a good night’s sleep. She had been getting only 2-3 hours of sleep for several weeks at a time. She was anxious, overtired, overwhelmed and unable to function well during the day.

In one hypnosis session, she vented out a huge amount of tension during a progressive relaxation. She was able to sleep 7.5 hours that night. Additional sessions reinforced her ability to drift off to sleep naturally and to stay asleep all night. She now has little trouble sleeping and, thanks to good doctors and positive thinking, has had a good medical outcome.



Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to good health and to our ability to deal with stress. Hypnosis allows the dream cycle to vent out all the negative thoughts and anxieties that build up during the day. This allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and positive.

Hypnosis is effective at venting out tension, relaxing the mind, body and soul, and allowing us to get a good night’s sleep.

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