Pain Management

Pain management is an impressive area of hypnotherapy and we are having very good results using hypnotherapy for managing chronic pain. We know from scientific studies that about 75% (or more) of pain results from anxiety and perception, rather than actual physical causes.

In hypnosis, the subject can be put into an imaginary control booth where they can dial down the pain to a more tolerable level (e.g., from a level 8 down to below a level 3, and sometimes all the way down to zero).

They can also imagine dipping their finger into a glass of chilled water, numbing the finger. When they touch the finger to a painful area of their body, they can transfer the numbness to the affected area, alleviating the pain in that spot.

We have worked with clients that suffer from Daily Persistent Headaches, severe back pain and other chronic pain.

Note: since pain is usually caused by a medical condition, a doctor referral note is needed to indicate that hypnotherapy for pain management is worth trying. Also, never adjust your medications without consulting your doctor. Only your doctor can make those decisions.

John Newman, C.Ht. is certified in Hypnosis for Pain Management from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI).

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