Past Life Regression

Do you believe it’s possible for your soul to travel through space and time to inhabit another body, in another person and in another place in history?

This is an interesting area of hypnosis, in which clients imagine or visualize moving back in time to a past life. Almost like a time-machine, they are transported to a different place, into the body of a different person at some point in history.

For example, you might be transported in hypnosis back to the Middle Ages and find yourself in a town market in Bavaria as a young girl. Or you may find yourself in the body of an American Indian boy on the frontier in 1867.

In many cases, clients are able to see their surroundings in considerable detail. These PLR hypnosis sessions raise interesting philosophical, religious and metaphysical issues that are almost guaranteed to stimulate thought-provoking conversation.

Some people with, say, a fear of water discover through a PLR session that they died of drowning in a past life. Others with a birth mark discover it was a point-of-entry for a mortal wound in a past life. Is PLR fact or fiction? Who knows for sure, but it’s almost guaranteed to be an interesting experience.

This area of hypnosis is well suited for either individual or group sessions. You should anticipate at least three (3) hours for this event:

1st hour: explanation of hypnosis, theory of mind and PLR.
2nd hour: past life hypnotic journey (a deep hypnotic state is required for PLR).
3rd hour: taking out of hypnosis, talking about PLR experience.

Please contact us to inquire about group rates.

John Newman, C.Ht. holds a Certification in Past Life Regression from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI).

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