Public Speaking

Have you ever broken into a cold sweat over the prospect of giving a public speech? You are in good company.

When people are asked to list their greatest fear, public speaking ranks first (fear of dying actually ranks 7th).

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

As they approach the day of the speech, they are likely to have difficulty sleeping. They procrastinate in their preparations, causing greater anxiety. As they sit waiting to be called to the podium, the anxiety steadily builds to a crescendo, climaxing the moment they are introduced with a red hot flash of fear.

While at the podium, tunnel vision forces their head down, making them read from their script. Their hands tightly grip the podium, sweating profusely as they fear losing their place in the script. When it’s finally over, they are greatly relieved, wanting to leave as quickly as possible and vowing never to speak publicly again!

And they were only giving a speech to third graders at their local school!

Just think of what some lawyers go through before standing before a judge or what business managers feel before getting up before the executive committee. Or imagine speaking before a large group of strangers.

Fortunately, hypnosis is extremely effective in helping people become relaxed, comfortable, even enthusiastic public speakers.

In hypnosis, the anticipatory anxiety or build-up of fear is desensitized. The welling-up of crippling emotion is replaced by feelings of confidence and positive expectation.

You will be given hypnotic “tools” to anchor your emotions, allowing you to immediately calm down and regain your composure should you begin to feel anxious.

In hypnosis, you will imagine or visualize performing with excellence. You will visualize your audience applauding you after your speech and smiling as you leave the stage. You will then lock in that image of yourself as a good public speaker.

Wedding Speech

Wedding Speech

Being more relaxed, you will be able to recall your subject matter with ease. Without tunnel vision, you will be able to glance at your notes, as needed, maintaining eye contact with your audience. You will even enjoy taking questions. If you make a mistake, you will shrug it off with a laugh and continue.

Hypnosis can be extremely effective in dealing with fear of public speaking. As a confident and comfortable speaker, you will be able to achieve your true potential.

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