Can it work with mental or emotional disorders?

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Hypnotherapy outside the medical context is limited to vocational and avocational (work and play) self-improvement. It does not involve the diagnosis and treatment of mental or emotional disorders.

If you experience mental or emotional disorders, you should consult your doctor or psychologist. If your issue originates from a medical or emotional disorder, we ask for a doctor referral (we can provide you a form for that purpose). You can then be referred to a certified hypnotherapist if the doctor or psychologist deems it appropriate.

It’s worth repeating: Hypnotherapy may augment (but not replace) conventional medical and psychological diagnosis and treatment, as the doctor or psychologist deems appropriate. The referral letter is designed to ensure there are no medical contraindications with hypnosis.

You should never stop or change your medication without a doctor’s approval. You should never drop out of a chemotherapy or medical treatment protocol in favor of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy may assist, but should not be considered a replacement, for medical treatment.



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