Client Testimonials

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“Hey magic man, she did great this morning with all the needles. Even an IV and epidural!”  L.A. (mother of teen who had fear of needles).

“OMG! Nothing short of a miracle. The memorial service was indeed a miracle. THANKS SO MUCH.”  L.W. (anxiety control and to deal with upcoming funeral of dear friend).

“You’re the greatest hypnotist on earth! Changes lives in an hour!”  M.W. (help with husband’s snoring. Generalized anxiety control, progressive relaxation).

“I couldn’t agree more!” S.E.

“I slept very well.  Emotions and fears all locked in.  This is excellent…. This has been very helpful.”  M.C.


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  1. AN on Tue, 13th Dec 2011 5:28 pm 

    “This past summer I lost my drivers license 2 days before having to catch a plane to CA. I looked everywhere and nearly gave up and thought I might as well try hypnosis. After a 15 min session I remembered exactly which aisle I left it at in the grocery store and upon arrival surely enough they had it. I couldn’t believe it.” – AN

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