How can I learn more about hypnosis?

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I studied at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), the nation’s leading college of hypnotherapy. They have been teaching serious hypnotherapy courses for over 42 years. Their website has plenty of information, including a free eight (8) week introductory distance learning course that will help you understand hypnosis and decide whether you want to take the full advanced course.

If you would like to take a free online questionnaire to obtain some insight into your “mating game” personality, you can now do that in a confidential online questionnaire. On that page, scroll down and click “Start My Relationship Test”. It will produce a numerical score reflecting your predominant mating behavior.

To understand what the numerical score means for you, I recommend buying a copy of the e-book, “E&P Relationship Strategies.” It’s written by Dr. John Kappas, the founder of HMI and reflects over 40 years of research and clinical observation into why people behave certain ways in a relationship.

The e-book is available at nominal cost from the HMI website (I suggest that you do the free online questionnaire, above, to get your E&P score, then buy the e-book to gain insight into your behavior and that of your mate or potential mates). Note: I get nothing out of this personally (either directly or indirectly).

Another good website to consider is Hypnothoughts. It contains a collection of YouTube videos (under Multimedia tab) and other third party materials on hypnosis. In Hypnothoughts, there’s a really funny video of Paul McKenna (world famous hypnotist) doing a police detective scenario with a stage hypnosis subject.


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