What drives our behavior?

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Ever feel like much of your behavior is driven by an inner script? You are not alone. Our subconscious mind drives much of our behavior. From the time we are born, our mind is constantly learning about the world around us: making connections, taking note of “lessons learned” and developing core values and belief systems.

We view the world around us through the filter of those belief systems. Our impression of the world is like a Monet painting – an interpretation of reality rather than reality itself.

Monet Garden

Monet Impressionist Painting

Behaviors that are positively reinforced are more likely to be repeated. The behavior is strengthened and becomes a habit, as neural pathways are wired in our brain. We are all creatures of habit.

Interestingly, our subconscious mind does not distinguish between good and bad habits.

Good habits (e.g., eating well) and bad habits (e.g., smoking) are all known and comfortable to the subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind fiercely defends its “comfort zone” from conscious change, even when we consciously know and agree change would be for the best.

Hypnosis can relax those defense mechanism and open the subconscious mind to good suggestions for positive change that are consistent with your core values.

Yet hypnosis is a subject that most people find cautiously intriguing. What is hypnosis? How does hypnosis work? Why can’t I change my behavior just by trying harder? Why is it that every time I quit smoking, I eventually reach for a cigarette without thinking? Can I be hypnotized? How does that work? Are you going to hijack my brain and make me cluck like a chicken?

This blog attempts to answer these and other questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Please also click the link to Hyp-Nova TV, to see some of these topics discussed on video.

You will find hypnosis to be a fascinating topic, because it concerns itself with human behavior, personal renewal and growth and reaching one’s truly vast potential. It concerns itself with you!


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