What’s the actual process in hypnosis?

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During the face-to-face interview (while you are awake), your goals are clearly identified and you are tested for suggestibility. This test determines how you prefer to take in and process information. This is a test you cannot fail. It’s sort of like being on the blue team or the green team.

After you are taken into hypnosis, you will be gradually deepened and relaxed. You will be taken on a “guided imagery” to a pleasant place (e.g., your favorite beach). These are deepening techniques in hypnosis to relax the defense mechanisms and get you to a comfortable level.

Suggestions will then be given in hypnosis that are consistent with your stated goals. When your subconscious mind hears them structured to your way of thinking, your subconscious will likely accept them as a good idea.

You will then be brought out of hypnosis, feeling refreshed, like you’re having a really good day and everything’s “clicking” for you.

This is a structured approach in which there will be no surprises. You will be aware of what’s happening during the hypnosis session. You will likely remember everything afterward. You are free to invite a friend or record the hypnosis session, if you like.


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